Bojeux MATCH6631 Matchitecture Tower Bridge Of London Review

Bojeux MATCH6631 Matchitecture Tower Bridge Of London

  • Use 1,050 microbeams to create a model you’ll be proud to display
  • For intermediate model builders age 13 and over
  • Includes microbeams, cutting tool, and instructions
  • From Family Games America, the socially and environmentally responsible game and puzzle people
  • Matchiteture is an easy and exciting technique, you simply need to cut and glue microbeams together, according to the plans
  • Each model is built with wood sticks called microbeams, which are cut, stuck and joined according to detailed plans and by following the pages in order
  • Every part of the construction is assembled directly on the acetate sheet provided in the packaged contents
  • Starting with a single element, the microbeam, you’ll create amazing constructions

Product Description

Create a gorgeous model of a Tower of London with this Matchitecture kit from Family Games. Everything you need is included.

From the Manufacturer

With Matchitecture, the famous concept of miniaturized concept based upon microbeams, create miniatures of the most known constructions. This model of the London Tower Bridge is for an expert level and it contains 5000 microbeams.

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